Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather

Ninth Generation


2408. Garrett Wesley Colley Wellesley 2nd Baron of Mornington (Richard Wesley Colley , Henry Colley , Dudley Colley , Sir Henry Colley , Sir Henry Colley , Sir Henry Colley , Sir Henry Colley , Henry ) was born in 1735. He died in 1784.


Garrett married Ann Hill in 1759.


Garrett and Ann had the following children:

  2801 M i Richard Wesley Wellesley Mornington [scrapbook] was born on 20 Jun 1760 in Dublin, Ireland. He died on 26 Sep 1842. [Notes]
        Richard married (1) Hyacinthe-Gabrielle Roland [scrapbook] on 29 Nov 1794. Hyacinthe-Gabrielle died in 1816 in London, England. [Notes]
        Richard married (2) Marianne (Caton) Patterson on 29 Oct 1825.
  2802 M ii Arthur Wesley Colley Wellesley Duke of Wellington [scrapbook] was born on 1 May 1769 in Born Dublin Duke of Wellington. He died on 14 Sep 1852 in Walner Castle, Kent, England. [Notes]
        Arthur married Kitty Pakenham [scrapbook] in Apr 1806. [Notes]

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