Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


2608. Donald Page Hollingsworth

Donald Page Hollingsworth, Edmonton Police Sgt....Donald is now retired from the
Edmonton Police Service and working for a large telephone company in security.

Jan 2005: Don Hollingsworth is a descendant of Nicholas Hollingsworth, b. 1762 Ballinakill, County Wexford, d. 1826, Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland received the last of his 25 markers this week.

Don matched our Valentine lineage and Thomas James Hollingsworth of James (b. 1811) of Ballycanew,
County Wexford, Ireland 25/25.

Apparently, James (b.1811) and Nicholas (b. 1762) are descendants of an unidentified brother, uncle or
cousin of Valentine, Sr. that did not migrate to America with Valentine.

This DNA match with Don and Tom was really a big deal in the Hollingsworth circles. It meant that Valentine Hollingsworth Sr., the granddaddy of just about every other Hollingsworth in the U.S. had a brother that stayed in Ireland after he left for America in 1682 with the Quakers and William Penn.

Bernice Margaret Christenson

Bernice died as a result of cancer of the brain at the Marina Mercy Hospital, Marina Del Ray, in the western section of Los Angeles County.

2955. Holly Lee Hollingsworth

Harry Hollingsworth, the editor of Hollingsworth Register attended this wedding of his niece. The reception was held at the Woman's Club in the nearby city of El Segundo.

Holly is the daughter of John Harrison Hollingsworth and graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1966 and worked for Pacific Telephone Company in Los Angeles.

Holly wore a long sleeved white cage gown of peau de soie lace in empire style, with rolled collar and yoke in satin. She had a tulle veil worn shoulder length held in place with a pearl coronet, and carried a beautiful cascade including white roses and lily of the valley, with a white orchid as center piece.

Robert C. Hatton (Paramedic)

Robert is the son of Charles and Mrs Hatton of Torrance, California, and he is a graduate of South High in that city. He is now serving in the Army and stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. In civilian life he was employed as a fireman.

The Hatton name has long been associated with Hollingsworth dating back to 1768 in County Wexford. Not known if this Hatton family is related to the Wexford clan.

2643. Patricia Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Hi cousin...I am thrilled to get a message....I am not sure if you will even get this or not...because as I mentioned before..I am not that good at the computer....My granddaughter is living with me temporarily while she goes to college here in L.A.....and she is the one who set this all up (computer) she goes home on the weekends to Orange county, so she is not here at this time to help me send this letter.....I am so thrilled to write someone who is related to me on the Hollingsworth side.....Since I wrote I discovered Harry Hollingsworth death date..He died in January of 1996. I really felt sad that I didnt go to his funeral or if he was sick to help him out...I suppose his brother did help him.....Yes he probably is buried in th Inglewood cemetery....with his mother and father...I think we have other relatives buried there too..I would have to look it up......Harry used to take at least three buses to get to the Geneology library where he worked....He went every day....He loved his geneology and quote dates and everything...Well it is time to go to I will check my mail later....Your cuz.Pat
(June 17, 2007 - Patricia Hollingsworth Hudson)

May 1, 2009
Reply to your letter....the old fellow is Elizabeth Browns father, Jacob Brown. Ida Belles husband was James William McPherson. The man in the top hat alone is william wallace hollingsworth. I believe the duo, the man on the left is also wm. wallace. I am not sure who the other one is, but I think he was a friend of wm's. When I cut the picture to fit the space I cut off the name, and did not realize it until now. After looking at all the pictures I sent you, I see that all or most of the names of the people are attached to the outside plastic. My Gdaughter took the pictures from the covering, so I am now wondering if you got any of the names. Harry was a descendant of John Benjamin and I from Frederick. Your home sounds beautiful, in the mountains. I am a city girl, born in Santa
Monica, Cal. Never did too much mountineering. In California we have snow covered mountains and lakes. And the ocean just a few miles away. My kids have skied, surfboarded and climbed mountains. All in California. I live just a few miles from Santa Monica now in Culver City. Culver City is where all the old movies were made...Not Hollywood. Gone with the wind, Etc. They had a huge part of Culver City for their filming, cowboy movies, and all the oldies. MGM sold alot of their land and now we have a junior College. And the large studio of Sony...where they still make movies....I havent seen too many stars. Elvis Presley filmed at our park. We have had two movies made on our street, that I know of. One was the Crossing Guard, with Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn was the director and David Morse. It was very interesting, but filmed at night. They have these huge lights that light up their set. I have never sat up to watch them. Sean was playing with his two little girls on a neighbors lawn, and they have these huge trailers for the stars....All very interesting. I have never gone to Idaho. But it sounds very beautiful. If you need any more names or any information that I have please let me know. I could not get into my email for some time , finaly had someone come out and fix it. Hoping to hear from you again, and if I can be of any help to you. PatHudson.

2648. June Virginia Sladek

Email received on June 5, 2009

Well I sit here last night and wrote you, but it wouldn't send, and Jill thought it would go to the draft, but it wasn't there either, so must be in cyberspace! Nothing special except I didn't realize there were that many registers. I just remember Harry said when I was through with all of them to give them to a library. He said Montgomery had them all. We have been so hot and humid for two days, it is nice to have a break today, with just a light shower. My eye appt was good and Dr said if would keep using the drops and gel for dry eyes more faithfully, I didn't need to wear my glasses, which I have worn since I was 12, and I didn't get a reading pair, which I may need anyway. yes Jacob was my grandfather, he had two daughters and a son that died when two yrs. I was an only child, and my aunt (other sister) didn't have any children. My dad was an only child also, so the only cousins I had were from mother's two step-sisters. Attaching my picture taken last year for the church directory, I was 90 then. I've been blessed with good health I guess, although had a broken hip in '68 shopping for Xmas tree (slipped on pine straw) and again in 79 shopping for same tree when I tripped over some fire logs. Needless to say, I bought a 3 ft artificial tree which has been used ever since. Well I've no doubt bored you long enough - I will be seeing your web sites later. Love, June

Email received on June 7, 2009

It's been a long hot, humid day but is turning cooler now. Waited on Sharyn yesterday but was a no show, so Jill & I went grocery shopping this morning, and then she came over this afternoon expecting they would arrive, but instead we get a phone call they would be here around 4 tomorrow. They had been in Nashville a week with Frank at the hospital with his cardiologist, so guess they can't keep plans.She has a morning Dr. appt and Jill is having an epidural in the morning and i will be sitting for two hours with her. I just came in from cutting back the ivy on the wall beside the driveway, hard on the back! Wish I had something to report on the Hollingsworth family, but it all escapes me and without the registers I am kind of lost. About all I remember is the story of Georgia who lived in Virginia I believe during an epidemic (was it smallpox, I don't remember) anyway she told them the drays went up and down the streets yelling "Bring out your dead"! Registers probably show when she married Jacob I don't remember. We lived in the old Hollingsworth home until I was 7 when my folks built a new house next to his folks. The old home had three big oak trees in the front yard and we had a terrible cyclone that uprooted all three trees and one of the branches fell in my bedroom just after they had taken me out of bed. Well, back to "sitting and knitting" , Love, June

2966. Jack Coleman another actor in the family

Jack was an and played the part of "Stephen Carrington" on a popular TV sitcom by the name of "Dynasty".