Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


1264. Cyrus Hollingsworth

Dated 1 June 1855, proved 18 Jan 1856, Book C pp. 189-190, Hamilton
County, Indiana. Wife Rachel, minor step-daughter Lavina Willits,
daughter of wife Rachel; brothers and sisters of testator and wife,
not given by name. Executors: wife Rachel, Ornan Bond. Witnesses:
Cyrus Stanley, Elizabeth Bond. (See Item 2 above in Indiana Will
Index. This is a dead-end will - no children of testator.)

789. Levi Hollingsworth

Gunpowder Copper Works gained a national reputation. This gristmill, which still stands near Harford Road and the Great Gunpowder Falls, was operated by Levi Hollingsworth from 1811 to 1838. During the War of 1812, Gunpowder Copper Works supplied the United States Navy with copper sheathing for ships. Following the war, the plant refined copper from Frederick County mines for the dome of the US Capitol, which had been destroyed by the British. Hollingsworth's dome lasted until the expansion of the Capitol in the 1860's.
Today, the Gunpowder watershed is primarily known for its winding trails, abundant trout, and good rapids for inner tubing.