Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


737. Stephen Hollingsworth

Stephen sons John, Stephen and William Right were all members and privates in Captain John T. Lesley's Company which was organized in the Tampa Fla area about July 1864. The soldiers of the Cow Calvary helped keep the Confederate Army suppied with food from Florida.

The Cow Cavarly surrendered on June 5, 1865, in Bay Port, Fla. formally ending the Civil War in South Fla.

1221. Isaac Gordon Hollingsworth

Isaac was believed the one that sent the letter to his brother John.

Dear Brother. I received your letter on the 17th,It found us all in good health except Mother,She has been very sick all this week Doctor Baber attends on her, he says that it is trouble and fatigue that ails her. Brother T. J. H's death almost killd Father and Mother,Dear Brother the advise you sent Brother T. J. H. in your letter came too late/ He had been dead 12 days when I rec. your letter/ Expect when you wrote to me you did not think to hear in my answer that Brother Jefferson was dead/ But it is true/ He was willing to die/ He said he was in the hands of him who knew best what to do with him./ He said he had rather die than live/ and be afflicated/ as he was/Dear Brother, you said that I did not write that letter that you got said from Macon with my name signed to it/ But I did write and to prove it I bought the paper to the house to write this one so mother and all the rest might see that I did write this letter/ I have been to school more than you think.? For you said that you would like to have me with you/ But I don't think Father can spare me as I am all the help he has got/ Dir Brother you must write to me as soon as you get this and tell me when you think you are coming to see us/ We want to see you worse than ever/ I have got one of the smartest brothers ever saw/ It is little Frank/ He goest to school every day to Miss Lucretia Cunningham? I think that he is learning fast/ Brother James is sickly/ He goest to school/ To tell your little boy "howdy" for us/ Mrs. C. family is all well at present/ I may try come to see you if I can get the chance/ You must write me (us) soon as you get this/ Write to Pa for he says that he can't write yet now/ They all send best respects to you/ Isaac G. Hollingsworth/ Macon, June the 29th, 1840.

Addressed to Mr. John M. Hollingsworth Mississippi Lexington P.0. 3 Holmes County

Levi Hollingsworth

Gunpowder Copper Works gained a national reputation. This gristmill, which still stands near Harford Road and the Great Gunpowder Falls, was operated by Levi Hollingsworth from 1811 to 1838. During the War of 1812, Gunpowder Copper Works supplied the United States Navy with copper sheathing for ships. Following the war, the plant refined copper from Frederick County mines for the dome of the US Capitol, which had been destroyed by the British. Hollingsworth's dome lasted until the expansion of the Capitol in the 1860's.
Today, the Gunpowder watershed is primarily known for its winding trails, abundant trout, and good rapids for inner tubing.

771. Carter Hollingsworth

Carter was a farmer and became a Quaker in 1810 in Miami County, Ohio at age 18 the year of his marriage, that would indicate Charity was also a Quaker and he had to convert in order to marry.