Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


52. Stephen Hollingsworth

Converted from Quaker to Episcopalian. Notes for Stephen Hollingsworth:
Justice of the Peace In Cecil County in 1730. Moved to Virginia. In 1734 he obtained 472 acres on the west bank of the Shenandoah River in Orange Co.

An examination of the deeds of Orange County reveals Stephen sold his land in 1737 and moved to Prince George's County, Maryland.

53. Zebulon Hollingsworth

Zebulon Hollingsworth, President of the Court of Cecil County, formed in Provincial times of nine Magistrates of the County commissioned by the Governor for that purpose resided on his paternal estate.

Zebulon at age of 43, in 1740 Testified in the Boundary Dispute case that his "father sometimes followed the business of blacksmith, sometimes building houses and at other times surveying lands in both Provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania."

Converted from Quaker to Episcopalian.

Several sources, the vestry minutes of St. Mary Anne's, land records, and his personal will, indicate that Zebulon Hollingsworth, Sr. was a Captain, presumably of the local militia. The Colonial Wars took place during his lifetime, however, no records exist confirming or denying his participation.

1740 Captain Zebulon Hollingsworth, along with several other officers, command a group of foot militia in Cecil County.
1750 About this time Zebulon Hollingsworth construct a two story brick Federal-style house approximately 30-feet square at Elk Landing.

1848 The original brick two story house constructed by Zebulon Hollingsworth is gutted by fire. It is rebuilt as a Greek Revival style three story structure with a low pitched roof. Also a right side two story addition is added and the entire structure is covered with stucco. This the essentially the house you see today.

A large land owner, a magistrate, and President County Court. (D.A.R. Records)
Total of 11 sons and 2 daughters. Stephen and Zebulon were Episcopalians and he might have changed to the Established Church of his grandfather.
Testified in the Boundary Dispute Case.
Was flour miller and moved to Philidelphia with his father

167. Stephen Hollingsworth

The milling industry was an important economic facet for the time: the Hollingsworths owned mills at least as early as 1721, around the time the first Henry Hollingsworth migrated to Cecil County. In an indenture dated June 16th of that year, Henry and Lydia Hollingsworth conveyed onto their son Stephen Hollingsworth half of their mill located on the west branch of the Elk River, referred to as the Hollingsworth Mill. The Stephen Hollingsworth mentioned must have been brother to Zebulon Hollingsworth, Sr.; in fact, Zebulon Hollingsworth signed the indenture as a witness.

William Dawson


Provincial law required an annual compilation of public roads and the one for Queen Anne's County first appeared in March 1730. By the next decade, the list was being recorded on the mandated annual basis. The records also included the names of the overseers. The 1730 list contained the following road and overseers:

* From Queens Town to Richard Bennett's plantation to the wading place of Kent Island and back to Queens Town. John Smith, overseer.
* From Queens Town to Wye Mill to William Coursey's plantation back to Queens Town and from Arthur Emory's to William Merson's plantation. WILLIAM DAWSON, overseer.

58. Abraham "Abram" Hollingsworth

Abraham Hollingsworth was a Quaker who was born in Delaware in 1686. He came to this area about 1729 and settled in the area called Shawnee Springs where his son, Isaac Hollingsworth, built "Abram’s Delight" in 1754. Family tradition says that Abraham Hollingsworth paid for his land three times: "First a cow, a calf, and a piece of red cloth to the Shawnee Indians: next a sum of money to the King’s agent; and finally a sum of money to Lord Fairfax." Abraham and his family were members of Hopewell Friends Meeting, which was formed in 1734. Hopewell is located in Frederick County near Clearbrook. The Hollingsworth family established a flourmill near the springs and was engaged in many other enterprises.

Notes for Abraham Hollingsworth:
Lived near Winchester Va for a while. 1732 Bought 582 acres from Alexander Ross and moved there in 1733. Situated on Abraham's Creek and he called it "Abrahams Delight" Erected the first flour mill in the county.. In 1754 his son Isaac (1722) built the first manor house in Fredrick Co. on the site. It is still standing and and has been carefully restored and is the Counties Historical Society. Abraham was born near Winchester, Frederick CO., VA in 1739. He resided in Frederick CO. until 1774 when he moved to Dunmore (now Shenandoah) CO., VA and resided there until 1777 when he moved to North Carolina and later to Laurens CO. South Carolina

181. Margaret Hollingsworth

Notes for Margaret Hollingsworth:
We have a link with my family's Benjamin and your Margaret. Benjamin Carter was born about 1710 in Bucks County, PA, the son of James and Susanna Griffith.
The children of Benjamin and Margaret were: Thomas Carter, John Carter, Benjamin Carter, Jr., Samuel Carter. Thomas was orphaned when Benjamin died and Isaac Hollingsworth, of Frederick County, VA, was appointed guardian on Nov 1, 1748. Only Thomas, the oldest, and lawful heir, was given a guardian. The younger boys were not.
This record is unclear as to whether Margaret was also deceased. Maybe this was a Quaker thing, to appoint a guardian to the oldest.

66. Thomas Valentine Hollingsworth Jr.

He died after departing on a trip as a Quaker Missionary to the Carolinas at age 54, he had been a minister for 25 years.

The Quaker Calender lists march as month 1 and Feb as month 12 before 1753. This accounts for the confusion of a couple of months on all earlier Dates. A Quaker Minister in 1728 for 25 years..
Visited NJ. Maryland and parts of Virginia.
Taken Ill on a Missionary trip to the Carolina's in 1753 and had not gone far when he had to return to Pipe Creek. Buried in Forquer's burying place, Pipe Creek, Md

Thomas was a Quaker minister for 25 years when he died while ministering on a trip to Carolina in Sept. of 1753. He took ill shortly after departing and was taken care of in Pipe Creek, MD. He was buried there at Forquer's burying place. (C-956) To quote his Quaker eulogy, he was "greatly missed in the meeting to which he belonged, as well as in his family, and the neighborhood where he dwelt." Through his son Amor, the Hollingsworth & Whitney paper Co. was formed which is now a part of the Scott Paper Co.

68. Jacob Hollingsworth

Purchased a 225 acre farm from the estate of William Penn's daughter in the state of Delaware. Trustee of the Hockessin MM Del.

Children of Jacob Hollingsworth and Rachel Chandler are:
+ 77 i. Elias6 Hollingsworth, born 1730; died Unknown.
+ 78 ii. David Hollingsworth, born 1734 in New Castle Co. De; died Unknown.
79 iii. Ruth Hollingsworth, born 16 Jun 1739; died Unknown.
80 iv. Jacob Hollingsworth, born 1741; died Unknown.
81 v. Zebidee Hollingsworth, born 1743; died Unknown.
82 vi. Jepha Hollingsworth, born 10 Aug 1745; died 1816 in Logan or Todd Ky.
83 vii. Rachel Hollingsworth, born 1747; died Unknown.

Rachel Elizabeth Chandler

Son David6 Hollingsworth (Jacob5, Thomas Valentine4, Valentine3, Henry2, Robert1) was born 1734 in New Castle Co. De, and died Unknown. He married Sarah Green 1757. She was born Unknown in Center Co. Penn, and died Unknown.

More About David Hollingsworth and Sarah Green:
Marriage: 1757

Children of David Hollingsworth and Sarah Green are:
Isreal7 Hollingsworth, born 20 Nov 1757; died Unknown.
Elizabeth Hollingsworth, born Apr 1760; died Unknown.
Levi Hollingsworth, born 25 Apr 1760; died Unknown.
Hannah Hollingsworth, born 20 May 1765; died 12 Aug 1828. She married Jacob Taylor Unknown; born 01 Jan 1762; died 02 May 1849 in Springborough. oh.

70. Joseph Hollingsworth

Joseph wet South very early. He sojourned in Virginia but went to North Carolina before 1753, where he recived a grant of land from Governor Matthew Rowen, and died in Anson County before 1775.

Notes for Joseph Hollingsworth: Moved to Anson County, North Carolina in 1753
Hopewell MM Frederick Co. Va His children spelled their name Hollandsworth

Thomas Jacobs

August 28, 1710 (28/6/1710) Thomas Jacob produced a certificate from Friends in Cork, Ireland and one from Darby where he resided most since he came into these parts. Thomas Jacob of Providence Meeting requested a certificate to Newark Monthly Meeting to marry Mary Robinson, dau. of George Robinson

From "Early Church Records of New Castle County", Vol. I, page 103 October 13, 1710 (13/8/1710) Marriage Thomas Jacobs and Mary Robinson Thomas Jacob of ye County of Chester and Mary Robinson of ye County of New Castle, this Thirteenth day of Eight month, 1710 did appear in a public assembly appointed for that service, at the house of Volentine Hollingsworths in ye County of New Castle. Winteses included: Catherine Robinson Thomas Jacobs Mary Jacobs Geore Robinson Joseph Jacobs Vol. Hollingsworth Grace Hollingsworth Randel Malin John Robinson Samuel Hollingsworth